Saturday, April 5, 2014

39th on Designer Blooms Cafe

39th. To thee I trust my life.

We are yet into another adjustment phase and I can be partly blamed for it as I transferred to another company and we have to deal with shift differences yet again. I trust that we will overcome this with His help. 
Anyway, boss amo Luke surprised me with a visit at my new workplace last night. What a sweet Friday night :) We then had an advanced monthsary dinner date as today (our real monthsary date) he's in a company-wide outing. We tried Designer Blooms Cafe located in Molito, Alabang.
What a sweet and "blooming" place. Too bad because I was just using my lunch break at work and had no time to really dwell in this place. The first thing that came to my mind as I entered the cafe is that it's actually a good place for girlfriend dates, and for couple dates as well.
We also had just some quick meals like this baked macaroni and fish and chips. Not bad for a first time but we will definitely be back.

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