Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Book, Some Food, and Crafts

Fullybooked High Street
March 20, 2014

Another of my backlog posts but finally it’s here. A book, some crafts and yummy nibbles – these are the highlights of that Candy DIY Craft Night. It’s a book-signing and a craft party rolled into one event. I went to this artsy event with Micah, my crafty friend,(and co-fashion designer in the making naks kailangan kasama talaga ‘to! Haha!). Glad I met her or else I would have been alone in this event or worse would have let this just pass me by.

As a kid, and as a pupil, I loved art classes and remembered that I also even attended workshops. I like it when it’s the Art/MAPE subject already ‘cos it’s finally time to unleash my creative juices (kala mo naman napakadami hahaha). I grew up a sentimental person hence scrapbooking is one of the things I enjoy doing as well and it’s still something “crafty”. When I give out gifts I always put some personal touch on them or some DIY stuff. Up until now I still am into these things so it’s really something of my interest. Hence, this event is a go.
We also took it as an opportunity to meet the authors of the Candy DIY book and yes they signed our copies. It’s just inspiring to see people like them who do what they love doing and make money out of it – aaahh must be one of my long-term dreams – fashion and art/craft will be part of my daily grind.
They set up four craft stations and we tried them all. Oh I love the food station!! Okay, I know it’s not part of the four but I especially enjoyed chewing on the taro chips. Alessandra Lanot, one of the authors of the said book, co-owns a restaurant hence this little feast.

Anyway I took some photos (and maybe I’ll wait til Micah uploads our photos haha and update this blog).

This is the food station I'm talking about. I actually liked everything in here. This makes the event more worth coming to. Hahaha! 
Our first stop was the Pompom station. The idea is to put all together pompoms to come up with a rag. We just tried doing two.
The box office station, the Stamping station. I know a lot of us had tried collecting stamps or even stamping ourselves when we were young. I remember Lisa Frank (is it Lisa Frank??) stamps!!
The majority of our stay was spent on the Washi and Jewelry stations. Having different prints of washis and paper straws and you're free to use any of them, how can we not enjoy this event??
Here's Micah and I captured her during her "Instagram" moment. Hehehe.

It was a fun artsy crafty night! Looking forward to another event or sort of like this. :)

View Micah's post on this here and also grabbing our photo from her post hihi :)

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