Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIW: Minty

Booya!! Say hi to my face and and ootd post again! It's been ~a while~. But I'm proud to present this post because I'm wearing something from my first uhmm "official" summer collection. I feel like I failed in so many ways in this collection but I'd still call it a collection because I'm just eager to call it a collection. Anyway, it's "official" because I branched out to the cold market unlike what I usually do touching just the hot market.

Going back to what this post is all about, I'm wearing a personal favorite minty top from my said collection. (Count all the "collection" word in this post and that would be a collection of collection's and I'm so random at 4 in the morning). Isn't it obvious with my face that I'm pretty happy with what I'm wearing? As soon as I got hold of this top straight from the last stitch out of the sewing machine (well not really) tadaaaa I wore it to work! It's a comfy top and the color is just so "cool" perfect for summer!
And since I already mentioned about this there is one last last stock of this in size small. You might want to drop by Miss Merie's Facebook page and have a look at my summer collection. I'm friendly don't be afraid to purchase! My promo is up and running as well (see below photo). Hurry! Purchase now and post an ootd just like the photos above. I would love to see you wear Miss Merie. 
Purchase and join now! Few days left!!!

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