Monday, April 28, 2014

Menswear Monday: Bonobos

Just last Christmas season, I remember accompanying Luke to shop for a suit for his company Christmas party that was Oscar’s-themed. It was hard in the sense that they all look similar to each other but if once he fits and puts them on, it suddenly makes a difference. I then concluded that no matter how attractive or nice-looking a suit is on display, the fit, the material and the quality make a LOT of difference. I also noticed that suits tend to be pricey so it is crucial to pick the right one as it is an investment in terms of clothing.

Bonobos sent me their latest Spring Suit collection – an assortment of Seersucker and Cotton suits. This set is perfect for spring weddings and mint juleps! I guess this would also be perfect for the tropical weather here in the Philippines. The moment I saw the photos of their suits I actually wanted to shop for Luke and my Dad. They appear to be well-sewn, well-tailored, crisp and the fabric seems to be well-sourced. I got more interested so I visited their site. I could shop for my boyfriend’s wardrobe already. They look neat, classy and of high-quality.

So for my male friends most especially in the US/Canada area, you can simply shop on their website, visit their guideshops or locations, too. You can also find them on their website. Added to the usual services, they also have “Groomservice” wedding appointments with brides and grooms to help the groom and groomsmen find their perfect attire for the wedding. Oh weddings!

We make the clothing. You make it your own. Style shouldn’t be complicated. Looking your best doesn’t need to be hard. It’s really about being yourself and finding what fits. We created Bonobos to help with both, offering well-crafted, great-fitting clothing and a top-notch shopping experience that’s simple and painless.
The fit starts here. The foundation of any great wardrobe is fit. It doesn’t matter how great the clothes look if they don’t fit well. And at Bonobos, we take fit seriously. From suits and shirts to pants and denim, we’ve spent years developing a range of fit options for every type of guy and every item you need in your wardrobe.
Check out some photos below.
At close up Bonobos suit still looks crisp
They have such unique and handsome-printed ties! They would definitely help you out on choosing the right one, too!
I super like their latest Summer Shirt collections! Even I would wear these pieces!!
(Cr: Bonobos)

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