Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'Cos Baby You're a Firework

It's the first time in foreverrr I finally experienced a quadruple date wahahaha! Kiddin' aside tho, back when I was the only single person in our circle of friends I was usually the third, fourth, fifth, sixth wheel hahaha! Loserrrrr. But I always enjoy seeing them lovebirds being cheesy and sweet and mushy and all while I well have this relationship with a book or a chocolate. Anyway, so March 22 was a day dedicated for so I've heard a dream-come-true Kalibs-guys-with-their-plus-ones date night. The fifth pyromusical was the chosen event and I must say hooray for that. Lovers under the fireworks must be one of the most kilig moments ever for me. You see even my side profile mentions that fireworks can easily make my day. They are instant picker-uppers and feel-good sight. What more if spent with your loved one beside you. Naksss cheeseballs.
I've seen pyromusicals before this and I was already thinking that it's overrated but this night, I was mistaken. I love love love love the show that night. We've seen the US set and the Philippines' exhibition show. Both were just so wow-ing. Again, I was almost (almost lang naman) in tears! Hahaha! They were amazing showcases of light plays! Sayang nga lang 'cos the projector in front of us was ruining the view but still it was awesome! 
I don't know about Joal and Crissa, Kent and Joyce and James and Kham, but there's something about fireworks that can make you closer to your loved one. Or am I becoming too sentimental and cheesy here??  Yes? Ok lang let me continue. Hahaha! You watch the fireworks up in the sky and then you are beside your loved one and there's that spark between the both of you and when you look at him/her your face lights up like a firework lights up the sky. I haven't met anyone who saw a very good firework show who remained in a grumpy mood. I guess a loved one has the same effect -- making you smile at the end of the day, lightening your mood. But of course they can also be like firecrackers -- annoying and painful to hear. Hahaha! The thing is, in a relationship, it's important to look at the fireworks. Yes there are gloomy days but a healthy relationship just like a firework should be a light in the dark, brightens up the day. San ko nakuha yung analogy na yun?? Haha!
Luke knows how I love fireworks. He even teased me when we were witnessing HK Disneyland's fireworks display 'iiyak na yan o iiyak na yan...' Well I did tear up hahaha! I like it when I witness fireworks display but I like it even more when I witness it with him. It's a different kind of bonding.
With Luke and I, I can imagine him being like Katy Perry singing Fireworks to me. Wahahaha 'di ko maimagine nakacostume siya ng Katy Perry hahahaha. Anyway, ibang klaseng serenading. This song is actually a feel-good-booster song. It's a meaningful song that sings  that we can be the best person that we already are. It challenges us to 'ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the 4th of July 'cos we are fireworks and we just have to show what our worth are'. I have always mentioned how through Luke, I've become the better person, I believe, that I am now. He helped me bring out the best in me, helped me throw away insecurities and unnecessary emotions. It's like his singing me 'Come on let your colors burst... It's always been inside of you and now it's time to let it through...'

Photos grabbed from Kent and Kham's IG accounts
We had a late dinner afterwards after all that siksikan coming out of the audience area. And since most food establishments were already closed or were already closing, we decided on a Thai dinner at Jatujak. The usual kwentuhan, tawanan and asaran.

I did enjoy the display. I enjoyed the company. I enjoyed the night. Fireworks and special someone/loved one is indeed a good combo. 

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