Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thanful Thursday: 040314-042414

A lot of things to be thankful for!!!

I thank the Lord for every bit of experience I've had for the past weeks. I know God is continuously molding me into the person He wants me to be. There are hard and questionable situations but it's easier when You know He is a sovereign God. Everything will work out fine at the end of an hour, of today or at the end of a time we are not certain yet. But everything will work out fine.
  1. I've had an incident with a bank deposit machine and it's one of the things I'm thankful about. I thought I almost lost my money, actually partly earned from the first ever bazaar I participated in. I kept on praying even though I almost lost hope. But the money's back!!! Super thankful!!!
  2. With the new post I currently have, I've experienced four different shifts already in less than a month, including night shift. First I'm thankful that my body was able to cope! Second, it was all a rather good experience. Lastly, I'm finally into a normal shift again!
  3. I also am thankful for clients of my fashion design endeavor coming in, from all ages! I pray that the Lord will continue to guide me in and through this and bless me through this and allow me to be a blessing through this. Lord, I pray that magtuluy-tuloy na 'to!
  4. I also feel thankful for my new workmates. They make my new hire days bearable and fun!
  5. I'm thankful for my Mom celebrating another year with us :)
  6. I'm thankful for reunions with old family friends! It was such a joy bonding with them!! I missed them!!
  7. As early as now, I'm thankful for a business opportunity. I still pray that let the Lord's will be done. 
  8. I want to claim that I'm winning that trip contest! 

Lord, just thank You for all the blessings, tiny and big. Thank You for blessing me!!

Here's the two weeks worth of grateful journal post from

This is something that motivates me and keeps me going. God has surely showered reminders and affirmation everywhere.
Appreciating the peaceful vicinity of my new workplace.
In so much gratefulness that Luke and I have come this far. I appreciated his gesture last night of going to Alabang, where I now work, to have an advance monthsary dinner with me as he’s out today for their company outing. He’s such a blessing.
My kind of haul today. Thankful I’m almost ready well, just the clothes and I’m claiming it in His mighty name!
Took advantage of the Php100 only Original Mocha Ice-blended coffee of CBTL :)
Might be few but God will multiply this!!! Your plan, Your will.
Worked on a holiday but thankful!! This should somehow compensate my LWOP.
Bazaar preps somehow make me feel occupied and productive. Yet I feel nervous!!

First ever ‘big’ bazaar commenced today!!! Low sales but for me experience counts a lot! :) thankful for friends who dropped by!! So sweet!!!
Still regarding with the bazaar, it reiterated to what kind of market I want to cater to. For this I am thankful.
A photo with just few who comprise my support system. Thank You Lord for blessing me with wonderful people.
This purple pair of spoon and fork made my lunch! Haha! Well this made me happy even for a short while.
An order from Dubai .
Almost the holidays. But not me. Glad that I was able to squeeze in lunch date with my boss amo, do business with my former workmates and then off to work I went. Such a productive day.
Halu-halo!!! How can we beat the scorching heat without it??
Almost in a sketching hiatus as well. I feel like I’m in a hiatus in everything. Glad that I was able to do this again even for a short while.

Felt productive today though I slept the Saturday away. Bought a new clothes rack which I super like haha and set up a mini nook for my Miss Merie endeavor. Got first ‘visitors’ that night as well. Praying that our business proposal will push through haha!
To the woman I owe my breathing with, who took care and still taking care of me; who has never-ending understanding and patience; who gets and still tries to get me on my bipolarity, I love you and I may not show it, but I really do. So blessed to have a Mom like her.
Survived two days on GY shift and I actually liked it but no I ain’t going to have it permanently. At least I was able to try. And thankful for my dark room I survived sleeping while the sun’s high. :)
This cute dreamcatcher keychain from a thoughtful officemate! :) Random days made sweeter. A simple gesture that made me feel I’m already part of the team. :)
I’m a delivery girl today!! Haha! But thankful for clients :)
Sent my first set of reports and I guess it was good. Had my dose of caramel drink. I'm back to normal shift next week.

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