Thursday, June 5, 2014


I love you x 41 x everyday x always

Do the equation, Mr. Luke Salud haha! And since we’ve watched The Fault in Our Stars on this very day of our monthsary, allow me to get the hang of it. While you really didn’t respond ‘Okay’ to my ‘Okay?’ even though you already knew, I would just take that whatever your response be would always mean our “always”. Hahaha! In our current state, we now have a bigger infinity than Hazel Grace and Gus has in the book, for this infinity I am grateful. Hahaha! Anyway, thank you for watching this movie with me and good thing that you liked the plot.
As mentioned, we indeed watched this tear-jerker movie's last full show on our monthsary. It was already stipulated in our contract as soon as the news of the movie adaptation was released. Haha! No choice si Boss Amo. I recalled every emotion I felt when I first encountered this novel in 2012. It's heart-breaking. Yes, while others went 'meh is this the movie that's supposed to make me cry??', I got almost dehydrated and drenched at the same time because of crying. Luke somehow made fun of me but c'mmon Luke, admit it you almost cried hahaha! It was good to know that even during the time I was just reading the novel, there was something with Mr. Augustus Waters that reminds me of Boss Amo Luke. Indeed, after the movie, he felt like a part of him related to Gus. 
Anyway, just inserting this me-time moment photo while waiting for him this afternoon. I missed this CBTL place. 
We also had our dinner at San Mig Pub in ATC. Yay!! I really like it when we “date” on this side of the Metro. Haha south forever!!! Plus there was a live performer singing good songs while we were eating, what a bonus! Parang anniversary date tuloy hahaha! We just have to choose a place that we could stay a tad longer while waiting for the last full show. 

We've gone past a month after 40 and I pray for stronger months ahead of the both of us. Life has somehow became more interesting and challenging but through Him, we'll manage. I always thank Him up there for Luke, for us. 

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