Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Soga Miga
June 15, 2014

This year's Father's Day Celebration goes Korean - our first time to dine in an "authentic" Korean restaurant as per my sister's request who have been somehow frequenting a Korean restaurant somewhere. Good thing there's one in Molito complex. It was yet again a good "first". So ganun pala pag Korean restaurant ang daming side dishes. Hahaha! Mama and Papa were so cute asking our server 'panu ba'to? para san 'to?' Hahaha!
Father's Day Cake
I enjoyed the leaves and the veggies and the fruit-veggies the most. I think, just like in Yabu and Saboten, I can already live with the side dishes. Ang dami pa pag Korean hahaha! For Korean food lovers out there, you might want to try it out here. It's a tad expensive than the usual as per my sister, but she did enjoy every dish we ordered. :) 

Anyway, to my father who tries to make a way and work around things ever since the lowest days of our family, thank you. Thank you for being a father to the best that you can and not leaving us. We love you!!

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