Monday, June 23, 2014

Coffees and Lunches: Sumptuous Treat

Mamou Too, Rockwell
May 30, 2014

As promised by someone who got promoted, hence this dinner at Mamou Too! After our (Micah and I), back-to-fashion-school, after some hours inside a coffee shop, after waiting for the one in charge, hahaha, we headed to Rockwell and finally tried Mamou Too. Bale, ito yung restaurant na sumagot kay Yabu. Ganito kasi yun:
Restaurant 1: Yabu
Restaurant 2: Mamou too..

Ay ka-sweet nila! If you didn't get that, you are not welcome to read the rest of this post hahaha! Sige na tawa na please. Thank you! ;D

I have long wanted to try it here and because someone said he's gonna give some treat because of his promotion, ta-daaaa my mind grabbed that opportunity and suggested this restaurant. As we arrived, it was actually jam-packed. Their dishes must be really that good. Mamou is best known for their steaks but we are yet to go back to try them.

Lorenzo's Truffle Cream Php375
Beer Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar Php295
My top choice among these we ordered
Roast Pork and Chicken Php525
(Cr: Micah for this snap)
Yay. Since fashion school started, we were usually together on a Saturday, but this is the first time we three were snapped in a photo

Ganda ng quality ng photos no? Hahaha! Added to these we also ordered Pecan Pie with Schlagsahne (Php185) for dessert which tastes good but too sweet. 

Yes, these two college friends had some catching up too and they had some tag team against me. Jk. It was another sumptuous dinner, masarap na, mas pinasarap pa ng libre ni Boss Amo. Thank you, Luke! Sa uulitin!! Hihi!

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