Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mama's 55th on an Easter Sunday

Crisostomo, ATC
April 20, 2014

Two months ago hahaha! Trying to ease all the backlog and be back on track. Oh well papel gusto ko tuloy ng bagel. Ang labo. So yeah, Mama turned 55 two months ago, on an Easter Sunday so it's like a double celebration! We always rejoice on the commemoration of the day The One Way rose again. :)  

Anyway here's Mama with the goodies she got from us. That Conti's choco mousse is a hit. Yummmm. 
Mama with her favorite godchild. O ayan terno pa sila on her birthday.
Yup, biglang lumaki si Otep in a span of an hour hahaha! I kid. That's my brother's best/friend.. I'm not sure. Boyfriend? I kid again.
And of course, Clarete's adopted eldest, Boss Amo Luke is present. Joke. Boyfriend ko po siya. 
One happy extended family!! We had dinner at Crisostomo's in ATC. We enjoyed every dish we ordered. It's a tad expensive but worth a try. I must say there was always that twist on the typical Filipino dish. I also liked how they creatively named the dishes.
Adobo Damaso Php345
It's my kind of adobo, the right mix of sweet, salt and sour. 
Simon Php 485
Maria Elena Php225
It's kangkong and lechon kawali chips. It's a hit that night!
Ensaladang Erehe Php195
Every ensalada is good to my palate. 
Iday Php180
Suman with Chocolate Fondue. We tried this as per a friend's high recommendation and it didn't fail!!
We also had a photo op as soon as we got home. My Mom nowadays "Picture-an mo ko anak... Picture-an mo 'to anak. Anak picture picture..." Hahaha oh social media what have you done??! Patol naman ako hahaha! And this is how we celebrated.

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