Monday, June 30, 2014

Merie Eats: Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano

Boss Amo worked for 16 hrs on a Saturday and it resulted to something fancy --  this dinner date at our second favorite Italian restaurant. He felt like he needed to reward himself, of course including the love of his life who is by the way ME hahaha, after ridiculously working long hours on a Saturday.
We have "discovered" this restaurant just early last year and we loved it. Now we're back to finally taste their carbonara haha!
One of the best things in life are appetizers. I'm such a sucker for well-baked pastries and good-tasting spreads kahit konti lang yan basta masarap! 
Another one of their appetizers!
This time around we ordered for ourselves some classic Italian pasta dishes, my favorite carbonara and his favorite lasagna. Oh boy it was soooo good!!! I really don't know how to critique a dish, specifically an Italian dish, but their lasagna is ultimately my kind of lasagna. Lots of cheese most especially mozzarella cheese all over. The taste has the right combination of sweetness and saltiness, hindi ko madescribe. Plus the texture of the food is really okay.
And here people, I present to you my MOST FAVORITE CARBONARA EVER! After years of searching I think I have finally found "the one". But of course I won't stop searching until I go to Italy to try an "authentic" one. For now, Carpaccio's stays on top. Al dente and swak na swak siya sa taste ko. It was pure heaven! Haha! The sauce was perfect! We are definitely soulmates. 
This time around we also got to try their gelatos for dessert and we absolutely loved them as well. :)

What a delight! I want to say, oh boss amo work ka ulit 16 hrs tapos splurge ulit tayo sa food, but I'd rather spend 16 hrs with him pala hahaha! Anyway, what a treat. Last night was heaven all over my mouth. 

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