Monday, June 2, 2014

Passion Manila 2014

March 28, 2014 -- For the third time, even though age-wise I already do not belong to the “young people”, I still attended this year’s Passion Manila event. I could still recall the delightful feeling of being in this event way back in 2008, their first time to be here and was held at the former “Ultra”. They moved into a bigger location, The Big Dome, in 2010, and yes I still attended it. This year they still held it at the Big Dome but on two nights. My heart prays that as the “audience” grew bigger so is the ripple effect of letting people most especially more young people know the loving and saving grace of God, of making Him known. Well, the event in itself is FOR HIS RENOWN.
I remember the first time around it was just me and my sister. We regretted the fact that it was only the both of us who were able to experience such life-changing event. For 2010, I made it sure that our church’s young people will be able to attend it. And because they already experienced it back in 2010, they made it sure that they would be present on this year’s event. So here we are together and united for this event.
with my sister and Luke
When you are in the presence of God, everything is just better. It feels so utterly good. During the Passion Manila 2014, the Big Dome was transformed into a big dance floor wherein the people are joyfully singing, swaying and dancing for Him. When you know that you have a “Prodigal Father”, you will rejoice! I especially liked the message that night. I held onto it. God provided us every single thing that we need, and, what maybe beyond our knowledge, so much more. We are His sons and daughters. Sometimes, all we need to do is ask. We have to be aware of our position as God’s children! So powerful!!! Now I am very well aware how extravagant my Father is. I will not limit Him when I pray. Grabe!!

The Passion268 is greatly blessed and anointed as their songs, the sharing of the Word, the visuals and lighting, once again did not fail in stirring our hearts to praise and worship. We were lead into the heart of worship and prayer. We were lead into a powerful night of adoration to the Almighty. Sarap sa feeling!!
Mareng Emily flew all the way from Davao for the second time just to witness this event

It was such a magnificent night. All to Him. All glory to Him.

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