Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seph and Reatha's Wedding

Need to blog on this, despite the three months lapse, because it's just the second wedding among ALL my closest friends! And the first was last 2010?? 

Seph is a close college friend. He just migrated to the US and had first tied the knot there last year. Nakakalungkot ang layooooo. But as they (with his wife) promised, they went back here last April to again give their wedding vows Philippine edition haha. 
We traveled to Pampanga, the couple's hometown, last April 26, to witness the unfolding of another chapter in their lives. Sadly, SFF wasn't complete. C'mon it's a wedding and still we can't be complete! Haha! We've been to Seph's place in Pampanga a few times during college days. And being back somehow relived them. We then just needed some escape from the toxicity of college life and now we're back for a wedding. Time flies so fast. 
Seph's "coursemates" and co-owners of Aedes Corp. were also present making the group merrier. Seph is the second one to tie the knot in this group. Cindy was first. Guys, pakasal na kayo please invite niyo ulit ako. Oh the joy of happy endings and exciting new beginnings of weddings. Dali dali dali! Haha!
Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!
I liked the reception set-up wherein there was like a gallery of the prenup photos. Gives me an idea hmmm...
The newly weds!!
Purple theme!! Of course it's my favorite color. Makes me wonder what them I'll be using on my wedding when the time comes. My eyes also feasted on some of the gowns of the sponsors. If only I took photos of them. The purple gown worn by Reatha above is to my liking. 

You know you are getting older when friends start to be engaged, get married, have babies. And this is one of them. Somehow, witnessing this made me wonder when my turn will be. Hmmmm. Tapos lumalabas pa yung pagka-hopeless romantic ko when I heard their vows. I pray that their love will continue to blossom and excited for SFF's baby!!! See you soon again Seph and Rheata. We are willing to be ninang's and ninong's!

Now, who's next??

Cr: Tin, Kat, and Cindy for the photos.

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