Thursday, June 27, 2013

233. Thankful Thursdays

  1. My heart is grateful because my parents are still together after 26 loooong up and down years!!!
  2. Free food!!! And not just turo-turo type of food, my tummy is filled with thanksgiving with these food splurges everyday of this week!
  3. Finally had time to talk to Levi, former co-worker, again!!! There are people who you just click with, doesn’t necessarily need to be someone you go out with always, or see everyday. If there’s one person who could dig deeper my seemingly-mundane tweets and relate to life-stages “profound” comments, that person would be her! 80s babies seem to have a rather parallel wavelength.
  4. I also had the chance to have a good chat with Mama Mia, former supervisor. She’s one of the people who never fail to encourage me on my artsy side. Mama Mia was our (Luke, Gav and I) confidante on those distressed times. It feels so good that even though we’re not workmates anymore, she still acknowledges me, us, and genuinely remembers the person that I am, that we are. It feels refreshing that I got to hear that side of her that I didn’t get the chance to hear when we were both working in the same four-corners.
  5. Whether I nailed it or I failed it, I still feel thankful that I was given that chance! I didn’t expect that call, that opportunity, given the “situation” I am in. You know, just some ego-booster, that amidst a con, they still find you interesting.

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