Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aficionado: CommunePh

I have a thing for coffee. I have to admit that it's close to addiction most especially lately that I have been really interested in trying all handcrafted coffee shops (kahit nga hindi handcrafted e hahaha). I even compiled and wrote a magazine article on the rising third wave coffee shops having tried some. One of them is CommunePH. It is located in Liberty Center along H.V. Dela Costa. Luke and I were looking for his friend's party venue more than a year ago when we stumbled upon this nook. Since then, I have read quite good reviews about this and latte arts from here were frequenting my Instagram feed. I then asked, Luke, one random Saturday of November to go back here. 
As much as I love coffee, I am no expert on the brews and the beans and my decision whether I like a certain drink or not is purely based on what my unique set of taste buds signal my brain cells. Hindi ko kayang alamin kung arabica beans variety ba ginamit or robusta variety. And despite still, I easily palpitate on coffee. How ironic no? But I don't stop trying. I also make time to read the menu carefully, then listen to the barista's recommendations and comments. In my case, while I like being alone in coffee shops, having a company would allow me to taste another variety, bilang madali ako mag-palpitate and ordering two or more drinks for the sake of trying might not be good for my heart not to mention my pocket.

That afternoon, we didn't enjoy much what we ordered. Haha! We tried their cafe au lait and cafe mocha. Baka not in the mood din ang mga barista. 
Luke opted to try their apple pie as well and still he didn't like it hahaha!
Though we were not satisfied with what we ordered, for me, it is always worthwhile staying in a coffee shop. CommunePH is still worth a visit! Try it for yourselves. =)

P.s. That same night we had our annual tradition of watching the light and sound show at the Ayala Triangle. 

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