Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday: More Food! (Baguio Weekend with My Girls Pt III)

What to do in Baguio? EAT!!! Below's a photo diary. The bad thing about blogging on an almost 10-month overdue story is missing on the details hahaha! Usually, when I view the photos after an event or trip, I already formulate in mind what and how to document. But that was usually and this is not part of it hahaha! I am such a bad bad documenter. The photos were taken from:

50's Diner 
- overrated, huge servings, not-so-yummy, lives up to the 50's ambiance, refreshing milkshakes!
Wright Park 
- for the first-timer Kaye hahaha
Camp John Hay 
- must-visit when in Baguio apart from it already houses a LOT of food establishments, it's like a huge park with things to do and has outlet stores, too
Everything Nice 
- (in Camp John Hay) we did not enjoy the food end of story haha harsh ko!

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