Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Ben Cab Museum (Baguio Weekend with My Girls Pt II)

Leave me inside a museum and I can spend the rest of my day there. As much as I want to be a painter, a sculptor, or those sorts, well I am not, I simply appreciate art. I look on their masterpieces and wonder how they come up with such! Ang tataba ng utak nila! They are so talented and their imaginations are so eclectic that they come up with such magnum opus!

Anyway, for the second part of my Baguio weekend with my lovelies, it will be about our admiration inside Ben Cab Museum. It’s the much talked about museum in the summer capital of the Philippines. I highly recommend taking the extra mile going to this place even if you do not appreciate art that much. The place in itself is a good unwinding from the usual unwinding up there. O diba labo ko ba? But on a more serious note, it’s a good veering away from the customary Baguio vacation. Apart from the different art installations, the place in itself is relaxing – its beautiful garden offers a restful mood. Plus, Café Sabel is a bonus! We enjoyed our lunch there, too!

I first chanced upon a few of Ben Cab’s works in one (or two??) of the art exhibits in The Museum of my alma mater. If I remember correctly, it was shortly after he was given the National Artist for Visual Arts award. His works are known for being contemporary.

Below are a few snaps (not in the best quality as I downloaded this from my Facebook album; apparently I was not able to back up the raw and original photos in my hard drive boo!) Some are candid shots of us! The four of us together can NOT get serious inside places like this, or anywhere pala hahaha! Hope these photos would make you want to go there. Let’s always support Filipino works and artists!

Since BenCab museum is sort of in a secluded area in Baguio, having Café Sabel was something sharp of an idea. We found the menu pricey for the usual choices but it was not bad at all!

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