Saturday, February 14, 2015

January @mSheng12 Instagram and Realizations

Half-way through February as you know we only have 28 days this month. Ang bilis bilis bilis talaga ng panahon pag nagtatrabaho ka, when you enjoy your life, when you have "monthly reporting" which is a constant reminder of day 1 day 2 day 3 etc, when you are able to do the things you like to do. Mag-March na naman! Ackkk! Know what, I still have my own inggit phase when I see people and I feel like they have accomplished more than I did, travelled to places I want to go to and I am stuck because I do not have enough resources, I feel like mas madali buhay nila, bla bla bla. Don't you feel that, too? But I believe and I feel thankful that the Spirit of the Lord is continuously working in me that despite that feeling, I see the beauty of my unique life. Life has always been unfair in our own eyes! But we do not see from our Creator's view and we do not see what is behind each facade a person carries. With these, it is just rightful to be thankful and be contented with what we are and what we have, but still pushing forward and upward to achieve things that we want with just the right pace and not racing with anyone. And always always seek God's guidance and thanking Him in between. I guess this thought played a major role in my January. Tama na ang self-pity mga kapatid. In my case I didn't know that in my self-pitying, there are actually people who want to be in my very shoes, sadly causing envy in them. So yung mga bagay na akala natin "ito lang" are great things for others. It's a reminder to ALWAYS BE THANKFUL!!! 

The above photos are snaps posted in my Instagram @msheng12. January is always a big month for me, as it's LuRie's anniversary; and then my annual fasting. Most of the photos are from such events. Plus! It's a very good feeling to see my writing published. Kahit sa tabi-tabi lang haha!

Anyway, February has been really busy at work and sadly I needed to decline Miss Merie rush clients, tamang offsetting lang. But so far so goooood! Hope yours is too. :)

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