Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Baguio Weekend with my Girls Pt I

Oh hey another backlog, long overdue post! And yes, it's once again Baguio! I highly recommend this place for a quick weekend escape -- the cool weather plus sights and the variety of food choices! I am almost certain that I'll be back again soon. I have known of a coffee shop must-try and I wouldn't mind going back just to experience it. Haha! Moving on, would you believe that with two decades of friendship, this was our very first time to go out-of-town, with just us four??? Imagine our glee when we finally went to Baguio July of last year!! I just love these girls it was a weekend very well-spent with them!

Julie must be the one who have frequented this city the most. While I and Beng were here during one of our Girl Scout campings waaayyyyy baaacckkkk then. I was just here May of last year. With Kaye, she's a Baguio virgin and that is one thing we have to consider in touring around. :) We arrived really early, like, past 3AM early haha! (Oh btw great thanks and special mention to my loving boss amo, Luke, for purchasing our tickets ahead for us! Last minute we are hahaha!) And since we are definite that our booked BnB wouldn't accommodate us just yet, we opted for a few hours stay in one of the transient houses near the Victory Liner terminal to catc with our sleeping. It wasn't hard at all to look for a transient house. Guides would just approach you without you needing to ask them. Plus flyers are available on one booth, too.

Waking up at 7am we headed for our first stop - breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins! By now, this cafe rings loud. A lot said that it's a must stop when in Baguio. I couldn't blame them. They have delectable breakfast selection. Their place, maybe due to its popularity, get really crowded. (But as of this writing, they just opened a new branch somewhere along Session Road). We had a really satisfying breakfast, enough to fuel us up to our next stop. 
Burnham Park is just a few minutes walk away from the cafe, so we dropped by for the sake of Kaye, the Baguio first-timer. Nyahaha! We were so excited for our BnB booking so we didn't stay for long. Just a few snaps for our remembrance and for Kaye hahahaha!
We strolled along the well-known Session Road and also dropped by SM Baguio to buy some stuff.
And then we were in Forest House!! Our accommodation of choice had made us really excited even weeks prior when we booked it online. It was so cozy! The staff were fairly welcoming. We were greeted with sweet welcome drinks. We enjoyed that fact that we felt like we owned the full basement area. Our room, Yuri, is the sole room on the lowest part of Forest House. I'll write more of our stay here in the coming posts for this series. For a fourth of that weekend spent, we were already enjoying our stay. 

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