Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Eat-Outs

The first month of this year didn't fail me. Below are some eat-outs for the just-ended January.

Solo eat out at my favorite Mary Grace. Their carbonara always satisfies me. Merely looking at this photo already gives me the craving. I remember that day being busy at work, I was alone and so after work before heading home, I decided to reward myself with this.
January 15 - had dinner with Chat at Toby's Estate in Salcedo. It was a sumptuous treat and tried their dutch eggs and linguine. I finally tasted their Gibraltar (the off-menu drink but everybody knows about it haha). I liked it!

 January 22 - Happy birthday Anna! It was an Italian menu treat at Amici.

January 24 - Cafe Breton with these girls! It was super fun and I missed them a lot! They were the last batch of trainees I handled and they played a significant role in my life. Nakssss! Haha! It's always fun being with them. Hayyyy and now they let go of their "comfort zone" and only one remains. 

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