Saturday, November 5, 2011

104. Birthmonth Day 4: Before his and our day

I filed for a vacation leave this day until the eighth of November (having no idea that 7th will be declared holiday), because we were supposed to be somewhere to celebrate our birthdays. And though it didn't push through I did not ask to revert the filed leave since 1)I don't even know how to spend the 14 days left of my total vacation leaves 2)I'm still having the hangover of the super long weekend I didn't want to go back to work. And 3)I already have long planned to surprise him. :)

I had the luxury of time to sleep so I woke up later than my typical working day and even lazied myself off in eating, taking a bath, dressing up and preparing the things I needed to bring. I even had the extra time to check on my online accounts including reading the feeds in my GoogleReader.

The first stop is to claim the cupcakes I ordered from Cupcakes and Beyond. I was really on a tight budget but I wanted some table tennis themed cupcakes (because he's a really good table tennis player) and Cupcakes and Beyond didn't fail me! The cupcakes were simple and nice that as soon as I saw them I got so excited to already give it to him. I ordered two dozens -- one for his day and another one for our day. It doesn't only look nice but it really tastes good. I was only able to taste the red velvet flavor but the chocolate flavor tastes good as well according to him. Plus, the price is reasonably affordable!

the cupcakes :)

Because my initial plan was to give him that pair that he was eyeing (but then he bought it ahead, the day before I was supposed to buy it!!!!), so I was actually confused on what to give him:

1)a guitar because he really wanted to learn how to play it
2)boxing gloves but I don't think it would be appropriate hihi

After going back and forth the Ayala malls in Makati, I finally decided to give him a bag, but I still had to choose among some brands. Bratpack was the solution to my dilemma. I bought him a Northface bag from BratPack because the Northface shop didn't have the stock of the design I wanted.

After the tiresome search for the gift, I headed to The McKinley Hills and spent the next three hours of waiting for the tick of the midnight at Starbucks. There I prepared the cards with the dedications from our teammates and, my personal card for him. I felt like I was an art student back in gradeschool. I have always wanted to give my gifts some personal touch to it.

before I messed the table with cutouts
My set of Staedtler pens will run out of ink anytime soon!
I gave him the card that says "One dessert Two spoons" which describes us in a way :)

the inside of the card

Last night just before I surprised him in the office, I started palpitating. Blame the two shots in my venti caramel macchiato. This is something different from the usually misspelled 'Mary'.

So how did the surprise turn out? I'll post that next. It's already part of Day 5! :)

Just as long as I can make you happy, special and feel that at least someone's blessed and grateful to God for bringing you to this world on your birthday.

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