Saturday, November 5, 2011

105. Birthmonth Day 5: Happy Birthday Baby

The surprise was a little fail but still, I made it! Yay!

Fail, 'cos he knows that I was just in Starbucks waiting for him but I was already in the office trying to do last minute patching of other dedications for him. And while I was doing it, he passed by the area where I chose to stay, because he seldom pass by that area and what a perfect timing that during that time I was trying to hide he suddenly thought of passing by that area and I was like O_O when he turned his head and saw me. HAHA! Define fail. :)

Anyways, I still pushed through with the little surprise.

that's the Nike pair I was supposed to give him and which I proudly chose for him:)
the greeting card with birthday greetings from officemates inside
the Northface bag -- my gift to him
the table-tennis themed birthday cupcakes

Thank You Lord for bringing him to this world.

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