Thursday, November 10, 2011

109. Birthmonth Day 9: The Yearly Birthday Post -- It's Superbly Special

There were times in my life that I wished I was never born; that I loathe even the thought of my existence. But each time, a new breed of gratitude and valuation arises. Thank You.
I started this tradition way back in 2005 (from the blog that has been deleted 2004-2007) up until now. So how late this yearly birthday post may seem, I'm still posting it. So some rundown:

And for this year...

Last year, my birthday was memorable. Memorable in a sense that it was awkward celebrating it and memorable as someone made it special. This year, that same someone made it, must I say, superbly special and of course, memorable. Truth is, I can't think of an appropriate adjective to describe this year's birthday.

Two S: Sweet Surprise.

I'm keeping this short so let the photos do the talking.

What jumpstarted my birthday: so the boyfriend went straight to our house here in LP (came from Taguig) just after midnight and gave me these. :)

these cakes are yummy
plus that sweet little thing inside

the happy girl

showing off the timepiece ^^
At work, colleagues and close officemates surprised me as well.

with the pretty pink and purple cake

the beautifully covered surprise gift. aircon ang laman.

with the teammates

dinner treat at Little Asia

I was always picking on their not-so-normal big spoon each time I eat in their restau

Some of the stuff I got:

a big card with greetings from my Estimates family

a rightly spelled named cup of caramel macchiato and cake
these guys are really sweet!

novel from one of my fave authors

the cake

another cake
I got a total of six cakes!

stuff from the boyfriend

TIMEX watch which I was eyeing and not telling him but he chose the same thing :)


the sweetest card EVER!

Many thanks to everyone who made these things possible! :)

The greatest gift is this life, and the grace that makes this life and after-life living.

p.s. no picture of me and him . he's not a fan of taking photos..
p.p.s. dont you notice how later, shorter and lazier my birthday posts turn out to be each year? lol

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