Thursday, November 3, 2011

102. Birthmonth Day 2: Back to Work

Before I set to travel to dreamland last night, I checked my company e-mail. The next thing I know I was already thinking of filing an EL (emergency leave) the next day and the next day as I am already on leave this coming Friday. The number of unread messages in my inbox is so overwhelming which when translated into few words is only like this:

"Welcome back to work. Tasks awaiting."

I felt really lazy at work a while ago. But despite the laziness, I was able to effectively participate in the meeting and somehow finished one task. Dinner at Sicilian was surprisingly hearty -- a really good talk and sharing with two of my teammates over the carbonara, which I again craved.

On other note, don't you think that some people are just SO LUCKY? Luck is on their side even when they seem like they don't deserve it or they didn't even work hard for it. I mean, that's LUCK. Random question.

On other other note: I can't help but mention about Coldplay's possible Asian tour for 2012 that might include MANILA. Trying to suppress ze excitement.

Hours passed by like a breeze and soon it was time to go home.

Today seemed short. A handful of thoughts and questions inside my head are still hanging up to this point. When's the right time? How many times will I tell myself to 'always be thankful' when inside me I know there's longing of feeling of being sincerely fulfilled with what I'm doing. Backstage has always been my humble abode. But sometimes, curiosity of how does it feel like to be on-stage arise on the surface. Maybe stepping out into the spotlight's not bad at all. And maybe from just being at the backstage I'll appreciate better the whole theatre. Just maybe.

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