Tuesday, November 1, 2011

no.101 Birthmonth Day 1.2 -- DIY

I woke up with the familiar sound of the lovable kid, Otep, who is also my parents' godson. If not because of the time spent playing with this kid, chasing him around, playing ball and the ever-so-effective hide-and-seek with him and from time to time annoying him, today's gonna be so lame. But of course while Otep was inside his dreamland for siesta, I cleaned the shoe cabinet (sort of pt.2 of my cleaning yesterday) and did some DIY.

from flare pants

from a dress

Ok that pretty sums up my today. I'm gonna kill my time by trying to finish the news article for our company's newsletter and will try my best to compose THE e-mail for Shing. I can't believe I need to go back to work tomorrow.

Hello November. Please be kind enough to be nice.

We let little things annoy the hell out of us. And from little they become so big we get furious. Every little thing gets affected. You in turn annoy others, though not purposely. Things may get chaotic and be out of control. Those little things, at the end of the day will help us realize, we shouldn't have allowed them to get in our nerves. The day should've been better.

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