Sunday, November 6, 2011

106. Birthmonth Day 6: With my Girls

If there is one thing in my life that I am always thankful of -- these are my three dearest friends that form a huge part of me. We've been together for more than a decade and we know each other too well. Despite the different paths we are taking in terms of our careers (not to mention our worlds apart work shifts!) we are united in our trusted friendship. Though we live in just one humble city (okay that was until one of us moved a city farther down the map), our schedules don't meet, so, yesterday was an awesome time to catch up with my girls. Of course we chose our ever-so-reliable ATC for our moments together.

We first had our dinner at Amici. This is again somehow my fault 'cos I was again craving for Carbonara. Pizza and Pasta for dinner which we all love and helped appease our tummies.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Pasta

Margherita pizza

Linguine Fantastico Pasta

We also had our desserts from Caramia. Likewise, the desserts also satisfied our hunger for something sweet. Yummm!

Mango Sans Rival

Pistachio Gelato

We somehow got annoyed with Amici's slooowww service 'cos we thought we are gonna be late for our reserved seating for Tower Heist. But thank God, we were just in time. We even had a glimpse of a few trailers and caught some scary shits from The Devil Inside trailer. One of my friends wants to watch it BUT movies that involve exorcism is a big NO-NO for me. Only when I'm with churchmates and pastors will I watch such movies. :) Anyway, yes, we watched Tower Heist and it was a good-watch and sorta feel-good movie. I have this thing for movies that has some stealing in it. (Disclaimer: Spoilers below!)

But just what I thought while watching the movie there are some goofs in it which I later on checked the internet to prove myself that I was right. Thank goodness for IMDB, I now have references to my doubtful thoughts:
  • A car that is entirely made of gold, for me, is IMMOVABLE! So what they did during the robbery of the said car is REALLY IMPOSSIBLE. What's more to this is when the employees received their shares of the chopped-of car and still they were able to lift those parts with their hands. I was able to try to lift a pure gold bar and it was too heavy so I don't think any of the above-mentioned scenes are realistic. :) (IMDB's say...)
  • I am aware of that chess game Shaw was telling Kovacs because I somehow became a fan of the sports when I was little, as a chess player. The game did not push through as one of the players quit/resigned because the "sacrifice of the queen" will surely and obviously lead to a checkmate. (IMDB's say)
  • And that girl who just passed the BAR exam and can already practice law might be one of the "awwww.." moments but can't be really factual. (IMDB's say).
So there. BUT, I still must say, I enjoyed the movie. :)

And most of all, I enjoyed the company of my bestest friends! No decent photos taken. :(

"...And you help each other realize that all the things you want to already are."
---Gretchen Witter (Sasha Alexander), Dawson's Creek

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