Monday, January 20, 2014

________ Book Club: We Read. We Eat. We Wander.

I’m glad to blog about another thing I’m proud of. It’s just January but I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a lot already. Ok lang yan feeling lang naman haha! But the thing I’m talking about is … finally I and my co-book-lovers finally started forming our book club!! We’re all glad to be part of it! I can already imagine us dining everywhere, blabbing about everything books, fiction, relate with each other’s emotional state while reading, while savouring that yummy dessert and squeezing in some travel chikas in between. Exciting right? Kaya join our book club!! Hahaha! But seriously, I’m pleased to be part of such.
Simply Thai's Ceiling
It was months ago or even a year ago that we thought of starting this club and now that it’s already 2014, time to structure it down. Last Saturday night, Tin, Arianne, Kimy with Pierre, Sy and I met each other at Simply Thai (Greenbelt 5) to “lay down the foundation” of one awesome club. I know I’m overselling this hahaha! Funny but we ended up talking about places instead, since Tin just had her European tour last December; and Kimy have been to Dubai and SG which happened to be the same country Arianne and Sy have just been to. Me? I’ve been to Tagaytay!!! Hahaha I kid. But I guess that’s one important thing a book takes us to that rarely people notice – to different places, imaginable or not…
To be honest, nothing much to talk about since we just literally began and we haven’t figured out yet what to call us. I’m just in a pensive mood to blog about it. But we already talked about the very first book that we’ll take pleasure in. We also talked about the possible travel. We somehow brainstormed what else to read. To-reads piling up!! Anyway, I’m thrilled of what this will become. And I feel really blessed to know these people.
The "founders". We read. We eat. We wander. :)
Cheers to our nameless (so far) book club!! I’m eager to meet you all soon (and maybe blog more about us and each of the members…).

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