Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Hidden Cold Spring

Hidden Cold Spring in Balete, Batangas
April 2010

I really can’t recall the exact name of this peaceful place. Philippines has so many hidden gems and yet again these photos do not justify them. Still near the Metro, our youth ministry went for a refreshing at this place since it was only an overnight affair.

The place is good as a background for eating, laidback chatting, refreshing as the water is really, clean, clear and cold; and for nature tripping.
This photo basically shows what you will see around the place. It was a steep way down as we walk through nature. We stayed in a small kubo and the rest is green in color. We hear the creatures making their sound. We hear the swaying of the trees. We hear the moving of the leaves and branches touching each other. We hear the spring flowing. It was a relaxing vibe.

There were tiny falls in the place. The sound of falling water was just what I needed that time.
We were just enjoying the green surroundings. We don't get to see this often, anyway.

As I look at this photo writing this post, it also made me miss those days I used to be active in our youth ministry. I must say gone are those days. Gone are the youth days but memories and experience are etched in our hearts. I miss these people, too.
We had a little adventure too! We trekked our way to a small lagoon located on top of some rock formations. It was a bit scary because of the steep, narrow and slippery way up. But it was so nice to discover concealed places. The lower left photo is the view from the top while the lower right photo is the lagoon.
I enjoyed usig nature as my background. Haha! Who wouldn't?? There was so much green everywhere! There were little caves, too.
The place is also perfect to unleash the hilaw-na-mangga monster in me! Hahaha!
It was indeed a relaxing place but we have to leave to catch the sunset. Like most people, I love seeing sunsets.

God is so wonderful. These majestic views are just a tiny part of His vast creation. The afternoon was serene as we await the see Mr. Sun hide.
There are moments I wish I could be pegged in, like this moment -- just savoring what's around me.
So long, Mr. Sun.
My sister. Parang babyng -baby pa siya dito! And now she's a licensed engineer!
Being with nature, this kind of nature must be a regular occurrence. 
Feeling one with nature. Pero bakit feeling ko ang taba din ng paa ko dito.
Awww the not-so-busy days with my sister.
I just started being in the corporate world again when this happened. And it felt so good being reunited with nature that time, and bonding with my co-youth ministers. It was not anything grand but it's a moment money can't buy.

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