Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Merie Eats: Yin and Yang Champorado and Adobo Sunrise

One of the things I love about Early Bird Breakfast Club is their very-well presented food
It’s not my first time at Early Bird Breakfast Club. I love the quaint ambiance it gives. But there is still a lot of food in their menu for me to try out. Today, as I need to report to work on a Saturday, me and my partner decided to have a lunch-out at this place.

Yin and Yang Champorado
I have been craving for champorado since the night before so I tried out their Yin and Yang champorado. The look of the food explains the name itself. The little circles towards the middle are white and Belgian chocolate syrups. It comes with anchovies/dilis too. My sweet tooth and tastebuds feasted on it -- I really like it! One thing that I didn’t like about it though is its small serving. And I’m speaking on behalf of my tummy. The serving wasn’t enough for me and my tummy. Haha! But overall I would want to order it again.

I also got to try their Adobo Sunrise which was good too! I like how its taste perfectly blends with the rice. Unlike their champorado, the serving size of Adobo sunrise is big enough. Given that it’s Adobo that suits my taste and its good serving, I would definitely order it again, too.
My companion, Edna :)


NocturnalReader said...

Where is this place? I want to try that too. The yin-yang champorado is so cool!

MERiE said...

Hi NocturnalReader,

The restaurant's Early Bird Breakfast Club, located in Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City Taguig :) I highly recommend the yinyang champorado!

Thanks for dropping by too,
Merie :)