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Travel Tuesday: The Longest Zipline Ride Then

Danao Bohol
June 2009

Forgive my awkward screaming. Hahaha!

Let’s go back to some half a decade ago. This was the first time when the five of us flew together, as one family, to Bohol. Usually, we are not complete, or if complete, we ride a ship. Those were the days when flying was sooooo expensive! It’s the time of the year to visit our relatives in Bohol. I guess this was so enjoyable given that I and my siblings are already old enough to appreciate and take pleasure in the beauty that Bohol is. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Bohol beaches as a kid most especially that we are just a walk away or a short motorcycle ride away from them. I recall the beaches so clean and white and not much beach houses and resorts were all over – just plain beaches and the sea, and a few cottages. I must say that over the years, Bohol has developed into a tourist spot and got commercialized.

Anyway, here’s a short photo diary of the first part of our visiting Bohol trip last 2009.
Yay for our first-ever complete family plane ride hahaha! The airport was also rather new then. It was also my brother’s first plane ride (or maybe not, maybe when he was a kid, too I’m not so sure anymore haha!). The 7th photo was our then-obsession, the “Chuck” series. I was catching up the season on my laptop. I remember I was already a busy corporate slave then at my first ever work experience. Grabe, look at my hair there, it’s so wilted and thin. It was my depression stage. Now I remember why we needed to go to our province. I needed a breather. Hahaha! On a side note, I loved that job of mine, serious, if only I could go back.
So upon arriving at my Tita’s house (we landed in Cebu by the way not in Bohol), it was also my Boys Over Flowers obsession which was being aired in ABS-CBN back then, so I switched on the television to watch. Hahahaha! I’m beginning to enjoy this throwback sort of blogging ah… Anyway, the photos inside the car were when we are on the way to the mall. And then that’s me and my sister showing off the rings made by our Tito for us. It’s made of 25-cent coins melted and molded! We were already in Bohol then.
That same night Tito James treated us to a halu-halo at Bohol Tropics resort. I don’t have a photo of it that time but it was a lovely top view of the Bohol province.

We're enjoying the view at Danao, amidst the not-so-friendly weather that day. That's my very slim Lola in the bottom middle photo. In full gear yan. She's 89 or 90 years old that time. I miss her!! :)

My sister prepped up! Haha!

This was taken at the other side when we already crossed. Got a good view of the higher Chocolate Hills, too. The first two photos above are my cousins who were having fun! We were all having fun!

"kawaii" pose hahaha! After the first ride and before the ride back to the side we came from.

And this is the highlight of this post – Danao Adventure Park’s zipline. It used to be the longest and the highest zipline; and Danao was rather new when we first visited. The infamous Danao Plunge wasn’t even functional then. The zipline ride was AWESOME!!! I can still recall the feeling. Of course I was scared! Imagine being transferred to another mountain by just the means of a cable! E kung maputol yun o kaya sa sobrang nipis ko mahulog na lang ako or naisip ko pa dati what if hindi siya masyadong umandar dahil napakagaan ko. Hahaha! What if mastuck ako in the middle! My thoughts! But as I was pushed and I have no way back, and as I saw the beautiful scenery beneath and around me, and as I felt like I somehow had the freedom, the sight and the feels of a bird, I took pleasure in the ride. Ang sarrraaapppp!!! It was almost a minute ride! I guess it’s a rather long zipline ride. Mind you, though, that you also have to ride the zipline back and not just forth. So kahit na-try ko na, natakot pa rin ako pabalik hahaha! That’s the story of the video up there. It’s worth a try!!! My sister and I, together with our cousins tried it. One of my cousins even tried it twice! Sarap! It’s definitely a must-do when visiting Bohol, and now that the park has more adventures.

Hayyyy gusto ko tuloy bumalik ng Bohol while writing this. This is about it for today. My Travel Tuesday posts make me want to travel ASAP!! Haven't been travelling much lately!

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