Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 012314 - 012914

I’m already feeling like smashing my body on my bed and just sleep the rest of day of. I feel tired at 11:12AM writing this part of the blog post. Thank God it’s already Thursday! I survived hump day!! I was on the verge of calling in sick early this morning but the thought that it’s Friday (and a holiday) tomorrow dragged me out of bed.
  • I feel thankful that this week I was able to catch up on my piling to-do lists! It’s just January but there’s already a backlog of things that need to be done.
  • I guess my tasks at work have also been interesting and have been challenging me that despite having merely four hours of sleep the past nights, I don’t (or more of “I can’t”) feel sleepy in front of my two monitors. This week, I’ve been enjoying my work.
  • I was also enjoying my “me-time’s” the past days inside coffee shops – reading, doodling, surfing my iPad Tinsy etc etc. It’s developing into a habit again.
  • This may be trivial but thankful for the cool weather. I easily get cold but I like walking early morning with the cool breeze brushing through my face. And I get to wear warm clothes too!
  • The past week made me feel blessed yet again for having true friends! I love my high school barkada! I feel so thankful that in more than a decade we still have kept our friendship bond.

And here is the weekly compilation of my Grateful Journal posts at 
So glad and surprised that Luke was waiting for me outside our office building, after my shift!!! Awwww such a sweet gesture amidst his busy-ness. Spent the rest of the evening with him. And even bought new pairs spontaneously!! This should be the last time buying spontaneously T_T We ate snacks then shared a ‘love-it’ size of Coldstone, strolled around and then ate again. :) Life can always be sweeter!
The officemate just gave birth to a premature baby. We’re still praying for the baby’s health but I thank the Lord for her successful delivery. She had her miscarriage a year ago and though premature, I feel blessed to see this kind of miracle, she, a mom, finally giving birth to a son. I was tasked to buy baby stuff (which I greatly enjoyed hahaha) and to also make them presentable. These are what we gave her as we came to visit her.
Dinner treat. Sumptuous food. Random talks. Laughable moments. Chill night. Reunion. New places. Good times with friends. Lifetime friends. All in one night.
Mornings like this when the alarm doesn’t bother me. I feel somehow carefree and all I bothered about were peanut butter and bread, fresh fruits, and good book.
Some me-time Monday that I was able to pamper my face. My face feels so light and relieved and clean!
Another one of those coffee moment days but isn’t it something to be grateful for that I get to drink my favorite macchiato for free? And doodle away? And anticipating that you’ll be seeing the love of my life after maybe the last sip?
Thank God and thank goodness gentlemen still exist!! I was in a hurry this morning so I didn’t care riding a bus in standing ovation haha! But a gentleman working for Ericsson (he was wearing his company ID okay) offered his bus seat to me. Awww! Again, faith in humanity restored!! So that’s a photo of his uhmm shoe in an attempt to post something in here. :)

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