Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIW: Yellow for a Retro-themed Company Christmas Party

This is one of those late outfit posts dating Dec 7 of last year during our company’s Retro-themed Christmas party. I didn’t want to join the bandwagon of jeans or skater skirts paired with neon-colored tops and flashy sneaks. I opted for being classy retro! In other words, pa-espesyal ako hahaha! I scored this dress at SM Department Store ‘cos they’ve got it all for us. Haha labo. I bought it on sale and so I decided to just wear this for the party. Platform sandals are sort of 60s but I still wore it. It’s not obvious in this kind of unclear photo but I super like my makeup and hair-do that day. I was also feeling “charming” with my ribbon. I’m thinking of songs such as Yellow Submarine and Tie a Yellow Ribbon as I end this post. So yellow!

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