Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 011014-011614

Here's this week edition of Thankful Thursday -- mostly from my Grateful Journal and more...

Finally broke the five-day fasting and spent the night with a close friend with a tad shopping on the side. And here’s to finally eating again!

I love Sundays like this. I love when he’s making it up to me amidst his busyness at work. Today, we attended church service together, dined out at our favorite Grams Diner, and commuted to my family’s home where he would spend the night and we would go to work together the next day. I like it when he spontaneously holds my hand relaying love and security. And this night was made even more special when a moron riding a bicycle recklessly hit me as we were crossing the street, the first thing Luke did was hold and squeezed my hand so tight until we reached the other side; asked if I was alright though he knew I wasn’t; hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. And then I felt alright. And then we walked as if I’m the most fragile thing on earth, taking care of me. Oh love.

A package arrived in the mail today. It’s my design label. And this just made me more excited of the better things to come as I approach the days and as my dreams are being realized.
I feel so thrilled that I see my dreams unfolding. I just love it that my handwritten label will soon be part of my first-ever RTW collection this year. It's surreal. But it's still early to be this giddy but I'm excited!

Thankful for times I could spend time alone on a quiet corner inside a coffee shop, to read a book, to sketch and to doodle away. The yummy froccino and fudge brownie were a plus! A bonus was I also got to spend that spontaneous night chatting with someone I share some of the same interests with. It was fun!

It was indeed a spontaneous night. It's the first time this year I dedicated a few hours of reading inside a coffeeshop. I love spontaneous me-time's and would always feel thankful that in this fast-paced and demanding world, I find time to do so. Tonight I feel blessed and thankful as well that I feel like I found a new friend in her. :) Someone who I share the same interests with and incidentally, we are somehow in the same situation enslaved by the corporate world. Who knows, we could even be classmates should we decide to pursue fashion design school. :)

Coming home and getting inside my room to newly changed bed and pillow sheets. I just love that kind of smell.

This is probably one of the best feelings and smells EVER! Tired from work, from publicly commuting from work, from race of thoughts inside my mind and then I open my bedroom door and the smell of fresh bed and pillow sheets welcome me!!

I needed comfort and it came in the form of Starbucks macchiato (tried the chestnut one). Year-end madness is still not over!!! Thankful that the company I work with has this benefit called “fun money” wherein we could reimburse our coffee/-blended drinks.

Thankful for a Sunday well-spent. Thankful for my officemate who baked me a dozen of yummy chocolate-frosted banana-flavored cupcakes. Thankful for the kind salesman of the fabric house I’ve been to; for assisting me with all the swatches I have requested. Thankful for the strength to face the challenges this week. Thankful for my acquisitions of additions to my clothes. Thankful for discovering new places. Thankful for forgiveness and more chances. Thank You, Lord for this week! I endured, you even crafted this week with good food, nice people, precious moments and a lot more I couldn't even list down.

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