Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 011714-012214

The past days have been tiring -- almost exhausting, but still I thank the Lord for strengthening me. I feel so blessed that in a few days time I was able to do quite a lot of things. I pray that this will go on throughout the year. I've already had enough procrastination and slacking off the past year and even the years before. I’m super thankful that I am finally moving forward.
Because I can spend times like this over and over — with one of my favorite brownies, Starbucks double chocolate fudge brownie; favorite Starbucks drink, caramel macchiato; one of my favorite books, O. S. Card’s Ender’s Game — at one of my favorite me-time nooks, Starbucks 6750
Finally our book club is coming to life. Thankful that FactSet (previous company) allowed me to meet these people who love to read. We read. We eat. We wander. So here’s to our “blank” book club. 2014 seems interesting early on. Thank You, Lord!
Thankful that Luke and I were able to squeeze in some movie time despite his really busy schedule lately even on weekends. We enjoyed the movie, we really liked it. It actually made me cry! And this is actually our first movie date for 2014! Looking forward to more as good movies are lined up already!
Thankful that I have fully sourced all the fabric needed for the gown and dresses for my clients. Plus, I got to talk to friendly salesmen, they even gave me slight discount (it’s still a discount!!) and I love getting neatly arranged swatches! Simple joys!
Today, I was craving for sweets and the universe felt my need and so as we went to Krispy Kreme for coffee, the light was on and so I was able to have free original-glazed donut!!! But wait, there’s more haha! I had too much cravings that I wanted some Slice cupcakes after eating lunch and as we’re about to head to the restaurant to satisfy such cravings, April, an officemate turned friend bought me a red velvet cupcake and it was on her! Ang galing talaga!! Sparing myself the money for the desserts lead to this photo – capped the afternoon off with some healthy drink. I’m really blessed to be surrounded with thoughtful people!
It’s a rare occurrence that I get home while the sun’s still up and the sky still bright. Today is one of them; and our cat even greeted me as I entered our gate. Home sweet home early.

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