Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion Friday: Top Gown Picks from 56th Grammy Awards

Here are my top picks from the 56th Grammys Red Carpet. I just love these gowns.

La Traviata in Valentino

I instantly fell in love with this gown upon seeing it as it opened the Valentino Spring 2014 Couture fashion show during last week’s Paris Haute Couture fashion week. “Aaah ang gandaaaaaa!!” was my initial reaction. I don’t know it’s just like love at first sight! So I was already biased when I saw Katy Perry flaunt it. Pero naisip ko tuloy, “Really Katy Perry? Wore that too soon I guess”. It’s a gown that leaves a lasting impression so regardless of the awards night and who wore it, I’d still pick it hahaha!

The White’s

Paris’ gown (Haus of Milani) is one that I would describe as a conservative sexy goddess’ gown or maybe it’s just the case my vocabulary’s not wide to describe things. My memory doesn’t recall any goddess pictured as wearing a turtle neck ganon siya ka-conservative pati leeg ayaw ipakita. Hahaha! The gown’s elegant and still there’s sexiness exuding from it. In fairness Paris Hilton, hindi skimpy ang gown mo ngayon ah. Beyonce’s gown is something that I don’t think I would be able to wear. Just compare my body to hers. Hahaha! The horror! It’s like the gown was just meant for her bootylicious body. This “just-glued-on-her-body” gown is by Michael Costello.

The Shimmering

I don’t know her at all until I saw her gown so I have to do a little research. So she’s Chrissy Teigen pala, John Legend’s model girlfriend. She wore a sequin-filled Johanna Johnson gown. The fit, the tail, the “neckline” – looks really good! You know how other sequin gowns look OA and attention-seeker? This one’s not! It’s just pure glam! I like! And then here’s Taylor Swift again, people. She’s wearing a Gucci. For me, okayyy Taylor Swift and that sort of gown, what’s new? But still, I don’t know I still like it! It’s actually just a simple gown that was made shimmery all over but I like the form and how it perfectly fits her. When this happens, I always want to see someone wearing it. Kasi minsan nasa nagdadala lang talaga e, and for Taylor Swift, she carries her outfits really well.

The Red's

I just like these red gowns of Colbie Caillat (Ezra Santos) and Miranda Lambert (Pamella Roland). Colbie Caillat’s gown is embellished with 3D flowers and I find it cool! And then that uhmmm slashed by a half-Samurai X (di kasi nabuo yung X e) is something that gives the gown its distinctiveness. Miranda Lambert’s gown is simple yet elegant and I like how it somehow called attention to her body.

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