Monday, February 10, 2014

Christmas Party with Kalibs

IT"S SUPER LATE but I thought of posting this just because it’s the first time that I was able to bond with Luke’s college friends. Though Luke joins my circle of friends’ eat-outs and happenings from time to time, it’s not the case otherwise. I was already able to dine with them after watching a UAAP game but this time around I got to well spend more time with them. It was their Christmas party December 21 of last year at Music Bank and what to do there? Sing the night away. We had coffee afterwards too. looking forward to meeting them again, right, Luke? :P

Not complete photo though

Luke and I gave this for some Christmas treat. Made by a friend's mom and it's so yummy!!!


Micah Lacap said...

Yes to more of this soon! :)

MERiE said...


Hihi! It highly depends on Luke! hahaha ;)