Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meet My Going-to-be Saturday Buddies

I have quite a no.of pending blog posts but I am giddy enough about this entry that I'm posting this one first!!! As mentioned in a previous Thankful Thursday entry, I have finally enrolled myself to a basic fashion design course! Tiny steps, Merie, tiny steps. The lucky school that would be adopting me (lucky talaga??) is the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I've been eyeing this school since 2012. Thank God, they opened a branch in Makati! I got enrolled just last Saturday, Feb 22,  together with Micah and Mica, new-found friends! They are going to be my Saturday buddies two weeks from now together with those weapons in the photo above. I'll be with them every Saturday.

After enrollment, we excitedly bought most of our requirements! It was sooo fun! Remember those days when as students, we get excited shopping for school supplies before the school year starts? I felt the same thrill. HOWEVER, a big HOWEVER, I'm spending from my own pockets. Mas lalo ko namiss ang "those days". =)) Who would've thought that a PAPER, PAPEL LANG, would cost a hundred pesos, a pad of paper with 24 sheets would cost as much as Php500!!! Bring me back to the cartolina and Manila paper days!! Hahaha of course I kid. 

After shopping, we had some coffee session at my favorite Starbucks 6750. I guess God directed our paths to cross each other's as we share the same frustration -- take us away from corporate slavery and allow us to mold our dreams into a beautiful reality. Let's believe that this is just the beginning, we've got a long way to go, but we're finally moving forward. Photo above was grabbed from Micah which was taken while having our dinner at Namnam in Greenbelt, di lang masarap malinamnamnam okay I'm not even sure of the lyrics it just suddenly popped out of some crazy brain cells in me. Whew! One week from now and I'm sure to post a FIRST DAY HIGH entry!


Keilah Mabel Micah Lacap said...

See you in one week! Hihihi!

Merie Clarete said...

Anxious!! But this is it Micah! See you!! :)