Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIW: Going Back Escolta

What I wore during our second participation in 98B Collab’s Future Saturday Market in Escolta. I know I’m a bit overdressed but couldn’t care less I just want to feel good that day. The skirt is from Kashieca which I bought a year ago but it was my first time to use it. I have that tendency hahaha and my Mom scolds me for it. I also like this midrib blouse I purchased in last year’s Noel Bazaar in WTC. If only I could use midribs every day. If there’s one thing I should be proud of my body is that I have a flat tummy. Yun nga lang inexistent boobs and butt, ayun flat din hahaha! At least I don’t look like a bulate but sometimes I do look like that alien from the MIB movie when I just ate an awful lot, yung lumalagpas na yung tummy ko sa boobs ko. Anyway, why was I even discussing this? Aaah I was saying I like midribs because I’m not bothered if my flat tummy is having a lot of exposure haha! Anyway, summer’s near so I’ll have a reason to wear such tops again. :D

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