Sunday, February 2, 2014

Merie Eats: First Time at Kitchen's Best

The latest restaurant I’ve tried, with Arianne and Sy, is Kitchen’s Best Patisserie (the one located at McKinley Park Residences. And here are we ate.
Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy Sauce
Thin slices of top sirloin beef roasted to perfection covered with mushroom sauce (Php275.00)
I ordered for myself their Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy Sauce. It tastes normal for my taste buds – nothing really special. I should have ordered their bestseller one but I must admit I wasn’t prepared to splurge. Hahaha! But due to my grumbling tummy, my meal somehow felt short. Haha!

Pesto (I can't remember the exact menu name fail!!) So much for trying to be a food critique on my own blog hahaha!
I’ve tasted their Pesto too and it’s so creamy!! I like like I like it!! I don’t know the exact menu name of this I’m not sure it’s the same of that in MunchPunch.
Baked Salmon
Creamy baked salmon casserole with crusted herb toppings served on a bed of spinach (Php340.00)
I also got to taste their YUMMY Baked Salmon. A must-try indeed! Apart from the fact that it’s salmon, the one that I’ve tasted was baked really well and the toppings and the cream blended well.

Not a bad first time. It just so happened I liked better what Sy and Arianne ordered than what I ate. Medyo nakakaasar yung ganon noh? But I always fail in choosing the first-time dish that’s not best-seller. Hahaha! And the next time around, I’d definitely try their desserts and cakes.

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