Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boxed Rose

This has got to be the sweetest and most surprising heart's day I've had in years. We've spent four heart's day as boyfriend-girlfriend and this year's something special - 'cos we are joining the whole world in celebration! For the past three years, we didn't really celebrate more of just ate out and exchanged some sweets with each other. Last year though he gave me Zombie. 

We opted to go back to AzuThai because it's just a walking distance from Greenbelt where we met. Luke had actually made reservations at Carpaccio (another favorite restaurant) but we don't want to be stuck in the heart'sday-Friday-payday traffic hassle. We especially like the place for its formally-yet-relaxing vibe. We even have the restaurant to ourselves at first -- feeling pinareserve namin para sa 'ming dalawa lang. =)) And then people start to fill up the empty seats. Apart from enjoying the dishes that we ordered, we talked about how he's proud that he was able to really surprise me. Hahaha! I like it that he felt triumphant of it! I was laughing when he was telling me that he felt like I was already feeling disappointed because I was already assuming that he didn't prepare anything at all. Assumero!! Boss amo was just too cute that day! He's even really really proud of the card he made/gave me. Nakakatuwa!
See that smile on my face! See that box I am holding. I actually felt awkward. =)) Sabi ko "hindi ko na kasi alam kung paano humawak ng bulaklak e." Haha! I once again feel that I am so special! Why? Because I remember him saying that he's not fond of giving flowers; while I otherwise like the sight of it and maybe the feeling of being the recipient of such sweet gesture. But he went out of his norm and did it anyway! He sure knows how to surprise me. And I just know he loves me -- not because of the flowers, but this act is simple compromise. E ang mahal pa kaya ng bulaklak pag araw ng mga puso. 
He gave me cards and cakes, too. He also makes it sure to give me chocolates, special or non-special days alike, those that I haven't tasted yet. This day is a perfect excuse to do unlikely things for your special someone, and he just did. And I was really surprised.
"Everyday is like a fairytale," as what he always say. So if there's something you can label the more than a fairytale, a special fairytale maybe? That day is today. Haha! Thanks for making my everyday a fairytale, Luke. And thanks for making it even more special this day.
Here's the video of the card he's proud about :) Ang cute niya no? hahaha!

This is what I gave him plus a card. Sanay na yata siya kaya wala ng surprise factor hahaha! 
I also paid a little tribute to the first two people who loved me on this heart's day. Remember, it's not just your special other half. There's a lot of people to show love to.

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