Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Couldn't Ask For More Year 3!!!

The Bellevue Hotel Manila
January 5-6, 2014

That title is now on its THIRD YEAR (Year 1, Year2)!!! Yes. It’s our third anniversary!!! Ano uulitin ko na naman? Who would have thought we would reach this far? Paulit-ulit? Haha! I must say, this has got to be the strongest year we’ve had. It was a year of adjustments, he on changing work shifts, I adjusting to my new job role, new job environment – both of us adjusting from the days we got used to to the year filled with changes. For the first two years, we were together every day— lunching together, walking home together, even literally working together, etc. No. Di ako nagsawa! In fact, the moment he left FPI, I longed for our “everydayness”. But that’s life!
Being away for most of the weekdays unlike it used to be, I can indeed say that absence makes the heart go PONDER – ponder where is he? Did he eat already? How’s he doing? Who is he with? Does he miss me? Sino kasama niya? Sino katext niya? Sino kausap niya? Hahaha iba pala!! May trust issues pala. :)) But those were partly true; those were part of the process. Of course, I worry more now that we’re away from each other. Well, in a good sense. Infairness, hindi pa ‘to LDR. Hahaha! But YES, it does make the heart grow FONDER. It gives the giddy feeling of finally seeing him again though I just saw him the other day, or the other week. What’s important is the constant communication, filled with trust, love and care, in between. We make it sure to find quality time, most especially on those weeks we didn’t get to see and bond with each other. Luke has been REALLY REALLY busy with his new role – reporting to work even on weekends. I have nothing really against it except when he got sick. BUT I feel so thankful he makes it sure to find time to check on me. There were times I felt like he found a new girlfriend in the form of his work PC. Hahaha I kid! But I have to understand. And I have to appreciate his trying to make time. He didn’t fail in that aspect.

2013 was a year of self-acceptance for me. I was in a tornado of self-doubt, self-pity, selfishness, etc. Luke greatly helped me to realize the ME. I like how straightforward he is when we argue kahit OUCH to the highest level! But I believe that he has been an instrument for my self-actualization.

And for all of these I am truly grateful.

We are facing yet another year, and I pray for our lifetime. I pray and thank the Lord for His grace showered upon us, poured over our relationship. I pray for more travels and adventures in every aspect it can be appropriated. I pray for simple moments, too, and chances to know each other even more. I pray for more healthy arguments. I pray for good health and guidance. I pray for our hearts to be a channel of sentiments and passion coming from You. I pray that as two people in a relationship, we could be a blessing to others. I pray for moooore patience, more love, more care, more understanding.

For this year, we opted for a staycation at The Bellevue Hotel Manila, located in Alabang. It was one relaxing chill weekend. No work to bother us and it helped that the hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Hello to the lovely south!
We had a wonderful stay at Bellevue! (I first posted our really short staycation video HERE.) They have commendable service; whenever needed, we were attended pretty well. They even allowed us for a few hours extension for free! Here’s our lovely small room. We like that it has a mini kitchen in it; and how simple and neat the interiors of the room is. The comfort room has a bath tub in it – pag may bath tub feeling susyaaaal haha. I spent the first hours marvelling inside our room. It was quiet and peaceful I felt like I was taken into a different dimension! Hahaha!
We spent the early hours meandering around the hotel. It has two towers so we went to and from these two. We had our welcome drinks by the pool. Feeling Don and Donya we were – “Uhm excuse me! Can we have our welcome drinks by the pool please? Oh, thank you!” Haha! I took quite a no. of elevator shot, mirror shot, small mirror shot, big mirror shot, etc etc during our entire stay.
There are some food establishments in the vicinity but we decided to try Vue Bar located at the 22nd floor; just to have a skyline view while eating. Since it’s mostly a bar, their menu was rather limited but we enjoyed their Fish & Chips and Caldereta. There was a live band playing on the background and some ballroom dancers. I like ballroom dancing! I asked Luke to dance with me (o diba baliktad hahaha!) but I know he would decline. We just sang along.
We still roamed around after eating. Mahilig kasi talaga maglalalakad tong si Luke. So what’s the secret to having a slender body like us?? Walk and walk and walk and walk. Hahaha! But seriously, we could just walk and talk and eat or drink while walking from SM Makati to RCBC or even up to Chino Roces. If only Ayala could be stretched farther, we would still walk that far. That made me realize why my flats need some replacements already. Going back to Bellevue, of course he didn’t like being in pictures so I had my own shot on the grand staircase. Dapat pala dinala ko debut gown ko. Then we had our dose of coffee-blended drinks to cap off the night.
I tried hard not to sleep to welcome our anniversary at the tick of 12m.n. but I already found myself waking up to a kiss on my forehead. Luke was already holding the card that I gave him and he handed me his gift. Exchange gift time!!! I must be really this special noh? Hihi kilig! I got my first ever Sperry pair. I gave him a shock by giving a G-shock. Nyahaha last ko na 'yan!
Hmmm the best part of our stay was THE BUFFET BREAKFAST!!!! Bacons, pancakes, different cheeses, fruits, eggs, cereals, pastries aaaah! I just love mornings served with buffet breakfast!!! Syempre topped of with the love of my life. Sabi sa 'yo e served with different CHEESES ang breakfast e! :))
And then we had a morning dip. Well, not really that much because it was freezing cooooollllddddd! Brrrrr! We just relaxed by the pool, talked about random things, watching the kids who were braving the ice-cold water.
We attended a Sunday service after our staycation and strolled around ATC. Hayyyy love love love. I’m blessed with a sweet and understanding man. It was yet another wonderful weekend well-spent. It was hard to go back to reality. But come to think of it, this is reality, being loved by the person you love. Ayeeeee…
Just as our day was about to end, he sent me this message (complete with hashtag pa hahaha). It’s the greatest gift he has given me, prayers and knowing that he’s happy --  it’s a bonus that I’m the one who’s making him happy, and that mutual feeling of making each other happy, sarap sa feeling diba? To my baby, boss amo, bebelgam, I love you. I know you already know and I know you do love me too but let me just say it all over again, I love you, I love you so much!

Happy Three Lurie!!!


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