Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday: My Design and I Hit Philippine Star :)

I was supposed to post this last week but because I was too busy at and off work, obviously I’m posting this just today. Pang-ilang post ko na yata ‘to pertaining to me winning Ensembles’ Wear My Design contest, since last year pa. But I couldn’t thank Him enough all because I still wasn’t expecting these things to happen months after winning.
Allow me to pour my sentiments related to this matter. Being part of a clan, most especially among the Clarete branch I am under, there is this pressure of having your name printed anywhere because you passed a licensure exam! Totoo! May mga ganong angkan, and I guess most parents would be so proud to see prefixes or suffixes added to their child’s name, seeing their child’s name online, on a board inside PRC, and in … newspapers. I remember that day when my sister passed the Chemical Engineering’s licensure exam; my parents bought newspapers right away; looked for her name; they haven’t done it yet, but we all know what comes next, it would be placed inside a frame. Yes! You may think it’s funny, but I had this frustration! However, unlike anyone else, I can’t bring myself to take up a course with a licensure exam. Well, I tried, but I just can’t.

Here's the official photo of an Ensembles' model wearing my design, "Bloom"
Who would have known, years after graduating, not needing to take a licensure exam, I would see my name in a newspaper (broadsheet pa ah, not tabloid hahaha!) – a “winner” in a field I have been dreaming of. Ang galing ni Lord, noh? This may be trivial, but I am more than glad! I guess I have made my parents proud. And I claim that this is not the last. I pray that He would continually guide me on this endeavour.
I got my name on websites, too!! I feel happy that the main photo of the article is my design. I have also read blogs on Wear My Design winners, and I like how good the responses were to my “Bloom” design. It just feels so good!

Now I look back at those days of struggle, failures and doubts, with a smile on my face. Therewill still be lots of these ahead of me but let me still say thank You, Lord! Iba Ka!

And here’s a two-week compilation of my grateful journal. I just completed 50 grateful posts! Yay! :

It was yet again a manic monthend; it was crazy at work. This is the reason why i deserve a quiet place and a peaceful time. What happened after this is also something I’m thankful about. I guess this is it I think it’s time to go back to school
Spent my Saturday morning on the streets of Baclaran because I’m too eager to buy a mannequin to help me work on a client’s gown. What I found is this, it’s not the same as what I wanted but still glad and thankful that I have this for now. I can’t wait to buy a better one though haha! Today I also feel thankful that the gown turned out to be what I wanted it to be just few more touch ups and I pray that the Lord will guide me through this.
Just a chill Sunday night sitting on the grass of a garden talking about random things in life with the love of my life. Thankful for a simple yet happy night that was.
I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to grab a job opportunity. Let Thy loving will be done.
Thankful because I know Ha has guided me through today! It was almost an emotional turmoil at work. The calmness just like the moon just like the night that was.
God has blessed me with the best support system even at my current workplace. These two have been great encouragers of me work and non-work. Here are they looking at my design in the newspaper which was bought as a back issue at Fullybooked.
More than these gifts is the love that we share. The flower was a bonus. I wasn’t expecting any flower from him. Luke definitely knows how to surprise me.
I am so thankful that this hit broadway musical was brought here in the Philippines!! And I was able to finally watch it LIVE!!! So so so thankful!!!
Hi, Lisbeth. I am thankful. I will learn to love you.
A Monday spent just relaxing. And four days straight spent with my love.
Thankful for my old Nokia phone! My BB’s not turning on! Please please don’t give up on me!! But yeah, super thankful for my spare phone!! I can’t afford to buy a new phone for now huhu

Finally done. I can’t wait to see photos of this being worn. Thank You, Lord for guiding me through this.

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