Monday, February 17, 2014

Mesa and Sonja's before Julie's Mumbai Lovin'

Just another post for my sentimentality’s sake…

January 25, 2014
As Julie’s flying to Mumbai for a business trip, we had dinner together with the Garcia family at Mesa in Greenbelt 5. They serve sumptuous Filipino dishes! It was also fun bonding with Tita Beth and Tito Jed and Julie’s sisters, Angel and Grace. What a fun family to be with.

We are making the most out of Julie’s temporary company for now (lol she’ll be away for just a month hahaha!) and had our cupcake dose at Cupcakes by Sonja’s at Serendra.

We had some sweet-tooth satisfaction at Sonja's. That's Beng taking a photo of her red velvet. And that's me with Julie, ibang "anyo" na yan pagbalik e hahaha!

ah very clear photo with my lovelies haha! I love these girls sooo much!!

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