Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 013014-020514

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I take pleasure in sight-seeing during my everyday commuting to and from work when not reading or napping. Sometimes as simple as the peeping sun and the cloud formations make me appreciate that there are still good things to this everyday hassles.

It’s the last day of January which happened to be a holiday because of Chinese New Year, and yet I went to work. I feel thankful still because it’s holiday and not much people around at work and so I can selfie. I kid. I feel thankful that at work, lately, I realize that I can still do tasks even when technically I’m already alone in my so-called “team”. There are thoughts of withdrawing from this side of the world most especially that I don’t really like what is expected of me, but I know God has a plan, has a purpose so I am staying for now.
A good colored pair of shoes that will take me to different places, moments and experiences. I just love the color. And I just love getting new pairs.
That I am able to express myself in these mediums. That seeing I’ve “done something” in this form made me smile today. This has got to be the saddest day of this year so far. And I am claiming the next days otherwise.
Super blessed with the best sister I could possibly ever have!!! Hope she makes use of the gift Luke and I gave her; most especially if ever she’ll experience any anxiety attacks again but greatly praying not anymore!!! She could just sketch her heart away. Always praying for constant guidance and safety that she’s miles away.
As I walk alone, I appreciate the ray of sunlight touching my face and the vines crawling acting like a shade. Somehow, I appreciate the little ironies I create.
We still celebrate, even in the simplest ways, every month. And every month I give him a card plus any baked sweet goodness. I do so to show my appreciation of his love, his care, his understanding, to let him know how I am truly blessed of the love that we share. Every month I write something for him. Every month on this date I always always feel thankful.

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