Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Bohol 2009 with The Family

June 2009

Hayyyy, lately I’ve been longing to travel but no, I can’t. I have a lot of other matters on my shoulders and I need to start saving, as in really really save! Why is life so mean?? This kiddo here needs a lot of money, oh money money money! Haha! Anyway, here’s another travel throwback, part two actually of the previous Travel Tuesday. It’s been FIVE long years since this trip and my longing to go back to Bohol intensifies! Hayyyy! I need vacation!! I need to travel!!! Ok so going back, let these old photos with the nene me do the talking…
It’s a day at the beach. This is particularly in Dumaluan beach resort. We rented a cottage. It’s a fine-weathered day; perfect to just chill by the sea on the white sand.
I remember my relatives going all “ang laki niyo naaaa” pertaining to me, my younger sister and brother. It felt like we haven’t been there in forever. My father is the one who grew up in Bohol. Just want to share this trivia, the Clarete’s are one of the first residents of Bohol, in fact it is even recorded and displayed for viewing in one of the museums inside a convent in Dauis. Clarete’s originated from this humble and beautiful island. Hihihi I’m proud to be a Clarete!
Got the chance to bond with my cousins who are also “ang lalaki na”. It never fails too that a lechon is served whenever we visit. Yummmmmmm feasted over lechon!!
There was no Sagbayan peak yet when we visited before year 2009 and so we went to the said place. The weather wasn’t that friendly so our visit was limited.
It’s a must to pass by the man-made forest; or go down and take photos. Hi to my ever slim Lola! This is an amazing spot. The people who made this place possible are brilliant. Not so long ago this was an almost barren place but look at this beauty now.
We also went to this place with a refreshing cold spring nearby my Tita’s place.
We also enjoyed, a bit scared though haha, this place called monkey sanctuary. But the monkeys are almost wild!! They are too many! Haha! I felt like they’re gonna attack us. But we had fun watching and feeding them.
Lastly, we dropped by this infamous Blood Compact statue, as if we’ve never been there. Di pa kasi uso digi-cam noon kaya tipid-tipid sa pictures and then there’s this chance to take lots of them haha! And then remember Prony? Look how smaller he is back then. Sadly, he just died recently.

So there goes our 2009 visit to Bohol. Don’t worry I have still quite a no. of travel posts dedicated to Bohol. Hahaha!

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