Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 022014-022614

It was a rather huge week! This week I want to thank the Lord for giving me a new job opportunity. I also want to thank Him for allowing me to finally enroll to a fashion design course. Things are getting better and I'm putting my trust in Him in all of these. I also feel blessed that my boyfriend fully supports me on these changes. My family is also backing me up. Lord, just thank You!

And here's this week's compilation from

Thank God for whoever created Lindt chocolates. Thank you boss amo for always spoiling me with this brand. And out of the line, thank God for a job offer. Now to ponder.
Another brilliant novel! I feel like I should be thankful for bright-minded writers for coming up with good novels to dedicate time to read on. But I also wish they would all stop writing for a while so I could catch up hahaha!
This is it!! Thank God I am finally enrolled!!
Gotta give props to people who are thoughtful enough to brighten up a stranger’s day by doing this simple act of drawing a heart. ❤️
It was such a Monday hustle!!!!! But thankful that I was able to keep my composure, I thought I was already losing it. Also, praying that it is the better choice. Let Your loving will be done.
I find comfort in fabrics. Happy pill.
A dinner enjoyed. An evening well-spent.

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