Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Club Session: Gone Girl Discussion

Fez, Serendra
March 1, 2014
What a productive night for the members of our book club! Ayyyy still no name though hahaha! It's our first book discussion session. Sy suggested the novel Gone Girl back on our first meeting last January and after a little more than a month, we met again to share our thoughts and feelings toward it.
Apart from reading books and merely discussing them, we also agreed that whenever we meet, we should choose a place that will remind us of the book we read. Or not necessarily a place, we could get creative as maybe eating a similar interesting dish that was mentioned and was a significant factor in the book, or we could experience a simple moment or an adventure that the characters of the book have experienced as well. Anything goes actually as long as it's related to the book. This is what makes me more excited for each book.

For our first book, we decided to just experience a place. We can't experience the psycho scenes or even the investigation, killing scenes hahaha! Hence, we tried to find a place similar to 'The Bar' in the book and we ended up in Fez in Serendra. It's not really a bar tho but at least we were seated near the bar of the restaurant. Not bad not bad. I like the place for its ceiling and the varied lamps lighting the place. The place has a warm vibe which greatly aided us in taking us back to those moments we were caught up with Gone Girl.
Of course we needed to eat and these are what we ordered. Not much food compared to the tons of talk we had. I guess we were engrossed with this session that the discussion made us full. Haha!
We have unanimous thoughts on this book -- greatly detailed and well-written. We liked the plot and the setting and though some of us already guessed "what happened" (I can't simply spill it here it would ruin the book for frist-time readers), the twist got us still. We all liked how psycho yet really smart and brilliant Amy was, hence how psycho-bitch the author was as well hahaha; and how stupid Nick was; and our feelings toward the different characters! Just like Amy, we got somehow obsessed with the details while we were talking about the book. I'll be posting a book comment on Gone Girl and maybe inject in it more of the discussion we had. Hopefully I could find time to refresh my mind and write about it soon. 

This book is also in the process of being a movie. Yes, of course, we also talked about it and how we find the cast appropriate for the roles.Kinda excited to watch it!
After the book session, we ended up talking about a LOT OF THINGS (as usual even before we formed this book club). Other books, TV series, movies, etc. And yes, we are going to climb a mountain!!! Hooray for this book club! Haha! I had fun that night because apart from the usual loko-lokohan lang and trip-trip non-sense blabbing, we actually made sense! Hahaha! For a night I felt like I was/we were talking profoundly nakssss! I didn't really expect myself to be involved in a book club but hey it's not that bad! 
Cheers to more book club sessions; to more eating; to more moments, experiences and adventures. Let's keep this going. 

P.s. Parang ang lame ng post na to maybe my mind's brain cells taking care of the cohesive writing aren't functioning normal. Kulang na kulang na kasi sa tulog... Anyway I'll just reread this again some other time.

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