Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Travel Tuesday: A Very Short Intramuros Photo Diary

Intramuros, Manila
August 2010

Not very far away because it's in MANILA! Who wants to go back and explore this tiny yet very rich part of Manila with me? Just one Saturday or Sunday? I've been here when I was in gradeschool, when I was in high school and still when I was in college. However, my appreciation of the place and the culture and history attached to it just grows each time. Allow me to show a very very short four-photos-only diary when we took one foreign colleague around this place... 

We roamed around and rode a kalesa :)
Enjoying the picturesque Fort Santiago
No wonder couples choose this place for prenup photoshoots, it's lovely!
One of the guys.

I can't remember where I saved other photos but this is a place worth captivating and can't help taking photos here and there. I will be back here before this year ends and allow myself to dwell in the richness of everything in this place.

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