Thursday, March 6, 2014

What about someday...

How I would love to see myself doing things I really like doing for the usual one-third of the day which is currently solely dedicated to the corporate world. How I would love to just allow the creative juice to keep flowing any time of the day. How I would love to be a slave of my own chosen ardour. How I would love to see all these realized someday.

We had a small talk about how he sees me as wanting to do so many things more. You mentioned about “if you want something you prepare for it” pertaining to something you deemed like I’m not ready for or I don’t want yet. I concur with your statement of preparing for things you want. But I beg to disagree with your latter statement. It got me thinking. Why am I doing these things just now? Why suddenly the rush to accomplish so much? Maybe it’s because this is my kind of preparation of having the idea of possibly ending writing a book that I won’t have the chance to turn back the pages and proofread; and write a whole new story with a fresh plot. In all these I was thinking of us. In my decisions, I think of us. I don’t think I was too selfish deciding to do these things just because I want it without thinking how these will affect tomorrow. Sometimes, the way you think still surprises me. Maybe my words and actions speak otherwise of what you perceive. But trust me in this, I am doing my part. Trust me in this.

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