Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 032114-032614

Zzzzz it's been a week of sleepless nights and sleepy days. Despite these, I am slowly accomplishing the things that should be done. Hopefully, by the end of next week, a lot of weight will be taken off my shoulder. 

The past week brought new opportunities. I am still surprised for these blessings. I pray, though, that I may have the wisdom needed for the crucial coming weeks. May the Spirit guide me in every decision I will make. And as I approach a venture I have decided on, may God touch the hearts of everyone involved and that we may all accomplish our tasks. I pray and claim for success!

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Lunch treat. Potential client. Sensible talks with new workmate. Quality and fun time with Luke. Blessed Friday.

Fireworks are my instant picker-upper. I’ve watched pyro-musicals before but tonight was the best I’ve ever seen so far. It was amazing and I almost cried tears of joy like what I always feel whenever I see a good showcase of lights.
It’s been six years since I last had a hair this short. I actually got traumatized by my Mom really disliking with what I did with my hair back then. Finally, this day I took the courage to chop it short and color it really lighter… Though it took me six loooong hours inside the salon, I’m thankful for a pamper day like this and the result turned out to be really ok. :)
Such a gloomy day but since this rain wasn’t a disaster, I am thankful for it given that it’s the summer season. I love rainy days.
Another cupcake treat from the officemate!! Cupcakes for free?? Why not?
Passed by Krispy Kreme and the red light is on!!! Free original-glazed!!

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